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What is The Mexican Camel?

The Mexican Camel is a Mexican Mediterranean fast casual restaurant that serves Bold flavors fusion food prepared fresh and from scratch.

The Mexican Camel is a one-of-a-kind concept, bringing together two famous cuisines, Mexican and Mediterranean.  

We thrive on our commitment to business values that comes from a family business built on the foundations of family values.

The magic of The Mexican Camel’s is its difference, its culture -- a street food and a way of life, a time honored in tradition.

On our voyage of discovery, you'll learn the magic through our traditional hospitality, warmth and fun, with the special people who belong to The Mexican Camel.

Here your senses will embark on their own journey, with our traditional products and unique tastes of Mexico and the Mediterranean, prepared with integrity, pride and passion. 

Our History

The birth of THE MEXICAN CAMEL came from the LOVE of two RICH and FLAVORFUL cultures and a PASSION for cooking food with BOLD flavors. But most importantly, letting the world know where FLAVORS HAVE NO RULES.

Our Objectives

The following 5 objectives are the foundation for the success of The Mexican Camel’s. While each one is important, they cannot stand alone. In order to give our customers, the best possible experience, we must always demonstrate ALL 5 Objectives.

1. To provide the highest food quality – QUALITY

2. To provide pleasant service – SERVICE

3. To provide service in the shortest time possible – SPEED 

4. To provide a clean atmosphere – CLEANLINESS 

5. To have a good time working together – FUN 

Our Vision

After 3 years of operation and trial & errors, he then decided to move forward to expand his brand across Orlando. His vision is to offer our customers happiness by offering freshly made from scratch high quality food.